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What our clients have to say...

Kenny and Mike are fantastic. Kenny’s a great instructor - keeps it simple when needed but is also great in explaining the detailed elements of the swing when needed. Mike’s got a great approach to both overall fitness and golf specific training. Fantastic Trackman setup. Great coffee. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Mr Tama - Google Review

I approached Mike with a swing related shoulder problem. After testing, it turned out that a tight upper back was causing my shoulder to do too much. A few simple exercises later and I can turn my body rather than stress my shoulder. Problem solved!


Dan - via email


Talk about tailoring a golf experience! Kenny was great. Set me up with Trackman and showed me how to operate the system. Paired with the option for golf specific PT and you’ve got all the makings of improving your golf game. I will certainly be back!

Andy Hughes - Google Review

Kenny soon figured out that my hips were causing my sway and loss of power. The instructional video on how to fix my hips and also apply the new sensation in my swing was easy to perform on my own at the driving range. I'm now hitting the ball much further. 

John B - via email

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