What our clients have to say...

"Great experience seeing how I move my body and the things I need to change and exercise to help all aspects of my swing! Learnt a lot!"

Jennifer, beginner.

"I approached Mike with a swing related shoulder problem. After testing, it turned out that a tight upper back was causing my shoulder to do too much. A few simple exercises later and I can turn my body rather than stress my shoulder. Problem solved!"

Dan. HCP 16


"I never realised that my glutes effected my swing so much. Once we identified that they were weak and causing problems, I was given a training programme to do at home. I got stronger and was able to hold my golf posture much better. I now have a better swing that doesn't hurt my back. Thank you to the guys for their help.

Anthony. HCP 12 

"Kenny soon figured out that my hips were causing my sway and loss of power. The instructional video on how to fix my hips and also apply the new sensation in my swing was easy to perform on my own at the driving range. I'm now hitting the ball much further. 

John B. HCP 21