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Lawrence Courtney

Introducing myself, my name is Lawrence Courtney and I am an ambassador for Body Swing Solution. Coming from a family that all play golf, I had a golf club in my hands from the age of ~2 without ever showing much interest for much of my adolescence. Fast forward to age 11 and I was hooked; rapidly improving and, with some growth, was starting to hit the ball a long way. Through my teenage years I learned to control the power I had developed, which allowed me to compete with the best in the county at my age group, culminating in topping the 2015 Surrey scratch junior order of merit. This local success allowed me to continue my golfing journey at Kenyon College in OH, USA. Earning a spot on the team in every tournament during a brilliant four years of this unique experience allowed me to achieve 2 wins and 5 separate top 5 finishes, as well as accolades such as 2018 All Freshman team member and multiple All Region team member selections. Following graduation with a 1st in Biochemistry, I have turned my attention to professional golf with my first full season beginning in April 2022.


I have been working with the guys at Body Swing Solution since they opened their doors (having seen Mike for years before this). During this time, I have seen an increase in cruising club-head speed of 110 mph to 120 mph, with my max topping off at 125 mph. Whilst making these gains, I have also gotten much stronger. This has led to a reduction in niggles picked up from playing tonnes. I think this comprehensively shows that Kenny and Mike are well on their way to debunking the myth that lifting and swinging faster leads to injury, quite the opposite in fact!