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Body Swing
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Welcome to the Body Swing Solution indoor golf and fitness studio, Shenley.

Here, we help to
improve your body's function whilst simultaneously improving your swing mechanics. Our personalised and monitored service makes you score better, reduce physical discomfort and ultimately enjoy the game more. 

prescribe only what you need, there is nothing generic about our programmes.
continually monitor your progress. This is crucial as the key to your progression is consistent and accurate execution of your specific golf swing drills and corrective exercises. When left to our own devices, we tend to morph exercises and drills into versions that we are comfortable with, rather than those that will actually work.

Let our team of
fitness and golf professionals guide you to your best golf.
assess, we don't guess.


Trackman Simulator Hire


Personal Training & Golf Fitness

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Golf Lessons

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Stockist 2022



Our Team has over 30 years of experience in the golfing world. Through our partnership, we have devised a method to assess your physical limitations and swing faults before coaching you in the appropriate drills, exercises and lifestyle changes to create your best golf. This unique blend of body and swing improvement is the key to better golf.


The current golf market demands more than just a golf lesson. We are all individual and have individual needs, so why follow the masses. Book your assessment today.

Mike Joyce

TPI Certified Golf Fitness & Body Movement Specialist 

kenny stephenson

PGA Golf Professional & TPI Certified